Vault Professional Single

Vault Professional Single

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Take control of your product development
  • Vault Professional

    Vault product data management (PDM) software helps you manage your design and engineering data, improve collaboration, and take control of your product development processes.

    Direct CAD integration

    Manage CAD data in one familiar interface. Autodesk design tools integrate with Vault PDM.

    Enterprise scalability

    Eliminate the need for object ownership and simplify your replication environment.

    Shared views

    Share native files with external collaborators while protecting IP. Review, mark up, and track comments.

    Enterprise integrations

    Extend the value of your data by integrating PDM with other business systems such as PLM and ERP.

    Data reuse and design automation

    Save time by easily copying designs and reusing, replacing, or copying components.

    Engineering change orders

    Easily manage engineering change orders (ECOs) with an intuitive workflow.

    Project sync

    Automatically or manually synchronize files from a folder in Vault with a folder in a cloud drive.

    Thin client

    Access and view design data, bill of materials, and change orders using only your web browser and Vault credentials.

    Concurrent design

    Enable multiple team members to make concurrent designs from one central location, with safe, simultaneous access to data.

    BOM management

    Create and maintain a more accurate and comprehensive manufacturing bill of materials.

    Duplicate search

    Combine properties filtering with geometric search capabilities to improve duplicate search workflows.

    Mobile app

    Work with your design and engineering data on the go on your mobile phone or tablet.

    System requirements for Autodesk Vault 2024 products

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