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Do you have an active subscription for Tick Tool Basic, Manage, Q or Sync?

Then you can download the lastest version for (Inventor) R2021, R2022, R2023 and 2024. 

If you are using Tick Tool Jobserver, Vault Client or any of the other more specialiced Tools, then please get in contact by filling out the formular below, or reach out to us via mail, phone, or Facebook



Tick Tool Sync Client   2.0.23
Tick Tool Q

User Guide

The user guide for Tick Tool is accesible in the program. Look for the and you will find an answer to most of the standard features. 

When you download a new release of Tick Tool, it will overwrite the existing setting files and you do not have to do anything. 

However, if you are upgrading to a new Inventor release you have to follow the guide in the video "How to migrate settings". 

Migrate settings easily

Create groups of properties

Show Filename in Layout

Export to excel template

Additional information

For additional information please use the form below, and remember to leave a comment so we can address your specific inquiry.

You can also get in touch by phone +45 72 11 81 84 or email

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Tick Tool - ManageERP
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Tick Tool - Q
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