Terms & Conditions

The following terms of sales and delivery apply to the sale and/or delivery of any service/product from Tick Cad ApS, CVR no. 35254315, to business customers. The terms and conditions apply unless otherwise is expressly agreed in writing between the customer and Tick Cad ApS, and whether the agreement has been entered into via the internet, e-shop, e-mail, telephone or otherwise. United Nations Convention on Contracts for International Sale of Goods (CISG) does not apply to agreements concluded with Tick Cad ApS.

    • Information and formation of the contract

      These terms of sale and delivery will apply to any sale and delivery from Tick Cad ApS and must be accepted by the customer before placing an order. Thus, the customer is encouraged to read the terms carefully.

      Delivery of orders requires registration as a customer in Tick Cad ApS' customer register.

      Final agreement between the customer and Tick Cad ApS is only considered to be entered into when Tick Cad ApS has sent a written order confirmation on email. When placing an order via the Tick Cad ApS website, the system will automatically generate a receipt confirmation sent via e-mail. This is not an order confirmation, but merely an electronic receipt for receipt of the order.

      When the order is registered, order confirmation will be sent to the customer. The customer should print the order confirmation immediately after receipt, as this may be relevant in return or complaint.

      Invoice will be sent in connection with the shipment of the goods/services.

      If an agreement includes hardware or software, these may also be subject to special licensing and warranty terms issued by the third-party vendor to which reference is made. In such cases, this is an agreement concluded directly between the customer and the third-party supplier without any responsibility for Tick Cad ApS.

      Any product information as well as any technical data is indicative. The customer bears the entire risk of selecting the product/service including that the product/service can work in the customer's intended operating environment.

    • Delivery and price

      Tick Cad ApS supplies physical products to addresses in the EU as well as the Faroe Islands and Greenland.

      Delivery of physical products takes place with Post Nord, UPS, GLS or other well-reputed supplier.

      Tick Cad ApS will ship the item within 3 days, unless otherwise stated.

      If the 3 days are exceeded, the customer will be contacted by email, phone or email.

      Ordering licenses (non-physical products) can be made from all over the world, and delivery will take place within 24 hours of final agreement, unless otherwise stated in Tick Cad ApS's order confirmation.

      All prices are stated excl. VAT and other charges as well as shipping costs..

      A handling fee of EUR 12,50 excl. VAT is added to all orders.

      Payment can be made with Visa and MasterCard. Tick Cad ApS uses a payment gateway that guarantees that all card data are sent encrypted and all card information provided are secured.

      Tick Cad ApS accepts, on individual assessment of the customer's creditworthiness, to deliver goods / services on credit. Here, the payment deadline is always net cash for 8 days, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

      The customer cannot set off in the purchase price for claims arising from other legal matters, and the customer cannot exercise a right of retainment or refuse payment due to delay, complaint or counterclaim concerning the specific delivery.

      In case of late payment, interest will accrue equal to 2% per month and a reminder fee of DKK 100 per reminder. Tick Cad ApS issues a maximum of three reminders before the claim is taken for collection.

    • Reservation of ownership

      Tick Cad ApS reserves the ownership of the item until full payment has been received for the ordered item.

    • Cancellation

      No right of withdrawal applies unless the customer is required by mandatory law applicable to the agreement between Tick Cad ApS and the customer to cancel the purchase. In that case, the right of withdrawal applies to the minimum extent possible.

    • Complaint

      Unless otherwise follows from mandatory law the customer may complain about defects for 1 (one) year from the date of purchase. If the buyer wishes to claim a defect, the buyer must notify Tick Cad ApS immediately after the defect has been discovered and in writing state the defect. If the buyer has discovered or should have discovered the defect and has not complained as stated, the buyer cannot later claim the defect.

      When returning a defective item, RMA number must be stated, and a copy of the purchase invoice must be sent. RMA No. is notified by contacting Tick Cad ApS.

    • Warranty and limitation of liability

      Warranty and service obligations will be listed on the goods covered and will always appear on the purchase invoice.When returning a defective item, RMA number must be stated, and a copy of the purchase invoice must be sent. RMA No. is notified by contacting Tick Cad ApS.

      Tick Cad ApS is not responsible for errors and deficiencies, which are due to i.e. changes made by the customer, repair done by other than Tick Cad ApS or Tick Cad ApS service partners, software related errors, data loss and lack of backup including in connection with installation, support etc., incorrect mounting, unstable power supply, incorrect connection or consequential failure on due to the use of other connected equipment.

      Tick Cad ApS provides compensation or refusal in the purchase price for errors or defects in the sold product or service in accordance with the general rules of Danish law if the error or defect is not rectified within a reasonable time after receipt of timely complaint. However, no compensation is paid for indirect losses, such as operating losses, loss of profits or other consequential damage that could be attributed to the alleged error or defect. This limitation in Tick Cad ApS' liability does not apply if the alleged error or defect is caused by intentional or gross negligent conduct on the part of Tick Cad ApS.

      Tick Cad ApS's liability to the customer is maximized to an amount equal to the purchase price paid by the customer.

    • Individual information

      Tick Cad ApS records customer information in its customer register. The customer information typically includes the customer's company name, address and other contact information, including any contacts. Customer information will only include personal data to a limited extent. Tick Cad ApS is responsible for this information and uses it to ship goods and inform the customer should any problems arise with the agreed delivery. In connection with support, Tick Cad ApS 'partners can access the customer's telephone number and email.

      Tick Cad ApS ensures that the partners only receive personal data to the extent necessary in order to provide support, and that data processing agreements have been signed with the partners who receive personal data from Tick Cad ApS before the partner gets access to registered personal data.

      You always have the opportunity to be informed what information Tick Cad ApS has registered about you, and you can, in accordance with the Danish Data Protection Act, object to any registration.

      If you have provided Tick Cad ApS with email and phone number you will receive news and offers. You can always unsubscribe from this service by sending an email to tickcad@tickcad.dk or by calling tel. +45 72 118 184.

      Please read about Tick Cad ApS's privacy policy here: http://tickcad.dk/om-tick-cad/persondata policy..

    • Consultancy

      The content and scope of the consultancy is specified separately and in writing. If content and scope have not been determined, settlement will be based on Tick Cad ApS's estimated time consumption, cf. applicable price list.

      Consultancy assistance is carried out, unless otherwise agreed in writing, within normal working hours, which is Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm (Central European Time). Tick Cad ApS is entitled to use subcontractors.

    • Course Conditions

      Enrollment is binding and any cancellation must be made no later than 7 days before the start of the course. In case of later cancellation, the course price is not refundable.

      When registering, an invoice will be sent 7 days before the start of the course.

      If you are prevented from attending a course, feel free to let a colleague take over your registration.

      Tick Cad ApS reserves the right to make changes in time, place and price.

    • Force Majeure

      Tick Cad ApS cannot be held responsible for any failure or delay due to obstacles beyond our control, such as production disruptions, lightning strikes, prolonged power cuts, strikes, cybercrimes, government interference, publicly imposed restrictions and/or the effects thereof or other unforeseen events.

    • Invalidity

      If one or more provisions of these terms and conditions are deemed to be invalid, the other terms must continue to be valid between the customer and Tick Cad ApS.

    • Applicable law and venue

      Unless otherwise provided by mandatory legislation, the legal relationship between Tick Cad ApS and the customer is governed by Danish law, and any disputes are settled by Danish courts with the court in Horsens as the venue.

    • Change of sales and delivery conditions

      Tick Cad ApS may change these sales and delivery terms for future deliveries/services without prior notice.
      Changed conditions will only apply to agreements that have already been concluded if this is agreed and confirmed in writing.