Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy - GDPR

Tick Cad deals almost exclusively with companies, which is why the amount and interest in personal data is low.

Tick Cad handles data about people in their capacity as employees of a company in which Tick Cad has interests.

The following customer information is collected: Full name, title, company email and telephone no. In special cases and only at the person's request, for example, at the job change, personal email is registered for use in news mail. Personal data is only recorded to the extent necessary to service the customer relationship, and it is automatically deleted on all electronic and digital media within 3 years of the end of the customer relationship and on all physical media no later than 5 years after the end of the customer relationship.


  • When registering for courses and events online, collect: Full name, email and company.
  • When purchasing online, Full name, company, email and phone no. 
  • Information from business cards is recorded at meetings, fairs and the like.
  • By reference, full name, title, company email and telephone number
  • Then downloading Tick Tool trial versin

If you choose to give us personal information for any of the purposes above, this information is retained by Tick Cad and will only be used by Tick Cad to support our relationship with you. We will only contact you if further information is required from you to complete a service or to inform you about relevant news and updates.

Tick Tool Apps

The data collected from the Tick Tool application is the following:
  • Windows Username
  • PC name
  • Mac address
  • Version of Inventor and Tick Tool
  • Public IP address 


All information is collected in Tick Cad's ERP system and can be accessed by all Tick Cad employees.

More information

In addition to contact information, information about persons registered in Tick Cads ERP includes:

  • What events the person has participated in
  • Interaction with mass mail
  • Email correspondences Application
  • Communication with customers in connection with sales and service
  • E-mail with newsletters information campaigns, offers sent out by mass mail
  • Segmentation

Consent Recipients of newsletters, information campaigns, offers, etc. sent out by mass mail, all within the last 5 years have given written or oral undertakings.

The right of access

If a person wants access to their own personal data, they are informed by contacting Tick Cad. A report can be printed with all information and it is provided free of charge and in digital form

The right to be forgotten

If persons are no longer employed by Tick Cad's interests, Full name and email are retained. The information about the person is no longer used. Personal data is disclosed and deleted by contacting Tick Cad.

The right to transfer data

Registered persons are at all times entitled to receive personal information about themselves, which they have provided to Tick Cad ApS in a machine-readable format, and they have the right to demand that such personal data be transferred to another data controller.

The right to be informed

When registering for E-mails sent as mass mail, confirmation is sent to the customer with information about what data is recorded and how Tick Cad handles data.

The right to have information amended

Newsletters, information campaigns, offers, etc. sent as mass mail contains all the possibility of changing information.

The right to restrict treatment

Individuals may request that their data not be used for processing. The data is stored but not used.

The right to object

Individuals may require processing of their data for direct marketing. All processing must stop when the request is received. This right can be found in all Newsletters, information campaigns, offers, etc. sent out as mass emails, as well as being part of the confirmation sent by acceptance of direct marketing signup.

The right to be notified

Should Tick Cad's data security be breached, such as hacker attacks that may compromise a person's personal data, the person will be notified within 72 hours of the breach being discovered. Data processing Tick Cad does not process data with sensitive information.


If you dispute the accuracy of the personal data or believe that the processing of the data is illegal, or if you believe Tick Cad ApS uses the personal data for a longer period than necessary, or you have otherwise objected to Tick Cad ApS's processing of your personal data, except for storage, Tick Cad ApS may only process your personal data with your consent.

If Tick Cad ApS's processing of your personal data is necessary for the purpose of performing a task in the public interest, or which falls under the public authority exercised by Tick Cad ApS, you have the right at any time to object to the processing of your personal data. The same applies if the processing of your personal data is necessary for Tick Cad ApS or third parties to pursue a legitimate interest. This follows from Article 21 of the Personal Data Regulation.

If Tick Cad ApS uses your personal data for direct marketing, you have the right at any time to object to Tick Cad ApS 'processing of your personal data for such marketing. If you object, Tick Cad ApS may no longer use your personal information for this purpose.

Any objection must be addressed to Tick Cad ApS, which in that case may no longer process the personal data unless Tick Cad ApS proves important legitimate reasons for the treatment that precedes your interests, rights and freedoms, or the processing is necessary for legal claims can be determined, enforced or defended.


Complaint about Tick Cad ApS 'processing of personal data can be filed with the Data Inspectorate, Borgergade 28, 5., 1300 Copenhagen K, Denmark tel. 33193200, e-mail It doesn't cost anything to complain.

For information or changes regarding personal data contact Karina H. de Lichtenberg