MPEmbed - an overlay for Matterport

MPEmbed is a powerful skin that adds a massive collection of powerful features to any Matterport Space. It’s very easy to use.

Do more with your Matterport Spaces

What does it look like?

MPEmbed looks just like Matterport Showcase because it is a custom skin that overlays your tour and adds new features.

MPEmbed is designed to look and feel like a natural extension of Matterport Showcase that adds amazing new features such as a mini map, Mattertag directories, background music and image adjustments (brightness, contrast, saturation, etc.)

Check out the following tour, enhanced with a Minimap with Hotspots and Mattertags, Custom Logo by Presented by Details, Mattertag Directory, Compass, Custom Copyright in Fine Print

This is all possible with MPEmbed!

MPEMBED - Customization platform

With MPEmbed users can adjust the imagery in tours, insert 3D objects and add powerful storytelling capabilities. It’s amazing!

How does it work?

Change ‘’ to ‘’:

https:// /show/?m=JGPnGQ6hosj

Add features with parameters: &minimap=1&mdir=1&lang=it

Matterport Space without MPEmbed overlay

Matterport Space with MPEmbed overlay

MPEmbed - Premium Features

Visually configure MPEmbed's options.

Set Matterport URL Parameters
Visually configure all standard Matterport Parameters.

Custom UI Text
Customize any MPEmbed UI and Analytics text.

Video walls
Display videos and/or images in frames on your space walls.

Clickable 3D Objects
Insert GLB files with clickable media anywhere in your tour.

Clickable 3D Text
Add floating clickable 3D text with clickable media.

Clickable media zones
Add clickable media zones on any object in your tour.

3D file viewer
Show 3D files in any mattertag.

3D models in VR mode
3D models are supported in Occulus Quest 2 VR headset.

Create Custom Image Filters
Visually set brightness, contrast, hue, whitebalance and more!

Set Image Filters for Each Pano
Build multiple configurations for different use-cases.

Use Custom Image Filters on Mini Map
Apply a custom image filter to modify the minimap.

Blur Transitions
Add a configurable speed blur to transitions between panos.

New custom mattertags
Change the font, scale, hover size, background image, background opacity.

360 photos and videos
Supports 360 photos and videos in mattertags, scan point trigger and highlight reels.

Transparent background video
Supports transparent background video in mattertags and on sweeps/panos triggers.

Custom css
Assign custom css class per mattertag.

Tag Panel Sorting
Sort the Mattertag Panel with Drag & Drop.

Tag Panel Categories
Categorize tags with lists that expand and minimize.

Tag Panel Color Filters
Assign labels to Mattertag Colors and allow filtering.

Hotspot Visibility
Simplify your minimap by hiding hotspots.

Hotspot Labels
Show a text label when hovered.

Rotate Minimap
Set the minimap's default rotation.

Minimap Rotation Buttons
Allow users to control the minimap rotation.

View Measurements on the Minimap

White label
Personalize the URL of your spaces to yours including multiple white label options.

Create Multiple Versions
Build multiple configurations for different use-cases.

Space Proxies
Keep the same MPEmbed URL, change the tour that displays.

Disable Parameters / Lock Settings
Add your user ID in a Mattertag and lock your settings.

Media library
File uploads and hosting. Reuse files from one space to the other.

Disable Parameters / Lock Settings
Add your user ID in a Mattertag and lock your settings.

Pano to pano media
Trigger media when stepping on a sweep/pano.

Native video player
Native video player for mattertags and sweeps/panos.

Announcement Text
Display text when entering panos for storytelling.

Text-to-Speech for Announcements
Hear announcements read aloud - supports multiple accents / dialects when used in Chrome with language settings.

Celebrate when a user enters a particular pano by throwing confetti.

Highlight reel media

Multimedia integration in the highlight reel.

Add YouTube and YouTube 360 Videos to Highlight Reel
Integrate videos with thumbnails to the highlight reel!

Add Matterport Spaces to the Highlight Reel
Add related tours to the highlight reel for a multi-space tour!

Filter by Content Type
Hide Dollhouse, Floorplan, 360 or 3D Views. Useful if you using many dollhouse views for your walkthrough tour.


Set North and show real-world orientation.

Horizontal Flip
Use the same tour to show alternate orientations of an apartment or new home.

Vertical Flip
Flip an entire space if captured upside down. And yes, this is a real thing. Or, just experience anti-gravity.

Instant Snapshots
Add a snapshot button to instantly take 2d snapshots at multiple resolutions and aspect ratios (4:3, 16:9) as well as 4096 x 2048 panoramas for Facebook.

Import / Export Settings
Copy MPEmbed Settings from one tour to the next.

Clickable copyright link
Add a URL to the copyright.

Custom share thumbnail
Change the image on your social media shares.

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