Matterport for the Insurance Industry

Win disputes and maximize profits with Matterport 3D

When you and your clients depend on a fair settlement, using the most effective, efficient and affordable adjusting tool is a must. To advocate and win for policyholders against powerful insurance carriers you can’t just rely on your technical expertise; you want Matterport 3D in your corner.

With Matterport 3D you can: 

  • Create court admissible documentation
  • Adjust jobs remotely
  • Reduce Sketch time by up to 70%
  • Bring the jury to the scene
  • Improve negotiations for clients

Collect comprehensive evidence of loss with Matterport 3D

Matterport 3D models are rapidly becoming the de facto standard for investigating property damage. Scan and capture a loss, document and collect evidence more quickly than ever before, resulting in less interruption to restoration work. In case of litigation bring the jury to the scene – the next best thing to being there.

  • Create court admissible documentation
  • Memorialize the scene
  • Bring the jury to the scene
  • Guarantee confidentiality and authenticity
  • Accurate floor-plan and a measuring tool
  • Digital Tagging
  • Increase collaboration

Gain efficiency and win more jobswith Matterport 3D

If a picture is worth a thousand words then Matterport 3D models are worth a hundred thousand pictures. Documenting damage thoroughly and accurately is key to reducing disputes over the scope of loss and faster claim approvals from insurance carriers. And fast and accurate settlements result in lower costs and happier customers that can get their lives back on track to pre-loss condition more quickly.

With Matterport 3D you can:

  • Increase top line revenue
  • Automatically generate Xactimate Sketch files
  • Estimate remotely
  • Speed-up claim approvals
  • Decrease number of breakage claims
  • Increase transparency and collaboration
  • Improve quality of repairs & customer satisfaction

Matterport. 3D capture for all.

Matterport is the world leader in immersive 3D technology. The Matterport Cloud allows users to easily capture, create, and display 3D models of real-world spaces. These models are delivered in a navigable, photo-realistic format that uses patented computer-vision and artificial intelligence technologies.

How it works

Capture: Scan real-world spaces using a Matterport compatible camera of your own.

Create: With a cloud subscription plan, upload images to the Matterport Cloud to process into a seamless, navigable 3D model stored in the cloud.

Display: Embed Matterport 3D models in your listings, on web sites and mobile apps, or provide active links in customer emails.

Matterport Webinar

Tick Cad is a Nordic and European reseller of Matterport products.

We regularly hold webinars on the use of Matterport technology within the Insurance Industry.


How the Insurance Industry can benefit from Matterport

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