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A secure, cost-effective and scalable solution
  • Hosted Vault @ Tick Cad

    If you are facing the replacement of an existing physical server or need to establish a new Vault solution, Tick Cad - Hosted Vault is a secure, profitable and scalable solution.


    There are many good reasons to put your Vault server up in the cloud.

    Always access to company data
    A hosted solution provides flexibility. Company employees can access the Vault server from the workplace, home office or any location with internet.

    A Tick Cad - Hosted Vault has a standard 24 hour monitoring and a full Back-up is taken once a day. Should the accident occur, the Vault server can be restored in less than 5 minutes. This ensures an uptime of 99.95 percent.

    Fixed monthly expenses
    No capital tied up in hardware and software, and full financial overview with monthly expenses. A Vault server in the cloud can be expanded with more capacity and thereby grow as the company grows.

    We have great respect for your data. A Tick Cad - Hosted Vault is stored in certified redundant data centers, where they are protected against e.g. theft, fire and power failure.
    Data is located in two data centers in Denmark


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