Matterport - Presentation and Documentation

Optimize your communication with razor-sharp digital twins.

Matterport - Presentation and Documentation

Explore Matterport's advanced 3D cameras that enable the creation of digital twins for documentation and virtual presentations. With a digital 3D model of existing spaces, you can invite your clients and collaborators on an interactive tour of your properties or projects – regardless of time and location.


Experience the benefits of Matterport!


  • 3D digital twins in the cloud – also with VR
  • Add notes, tasks, and tags for efficient communication
  • Create guided tours for specific target audiences
  • Share links to the property and communicate widely
  • Avoid misunderstandings with Matterport's precise measurements
  • Generate accurate floor plans
  • Only 18 seconds per capture

In this webinar, we will showcase examples of 3D virtual presentations and demonstrate features such as Mattertags, highlights, and NOTES. We will also introduce how to share and work with your virtual capture in Projectview and distribute it on websites and social media platforms.

Finally, we will cover topics such as measurements, floor plans, point clouds, VR, and visit statistics. There will be room for questions along the way.


How Matterport Works


Capture: Use a Matterport-compatible camera to capture existing spaces.

Create: The capture is sent to Matterport via the app, which converts the images into a navigable 3D model.

Present: Easily share the visualization with your collaborators on social platforms, websites, or send it as a link in an email.







The Matterport advantage



  • 3D Virtual Tours optimize conversion, reduce travel time and expenses
  • 3D Virtual Tours have the perfect digital content - unique for your brand, interactive and compelling  
  • 3D Virtual Tours increase the time users spend on your website, which improve your search rank at Google

We look forward to seeing you!

Duration 20 minutes + questions

Language: Danish / English


  • Teaching method: Webinar
  • Audience: Interested in 3D visualisations and presentations

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Matterport - Presentation and Documentation
Matterport - Presentation and Documentation
Optimize your communication with razor-sharp digital twins.
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June 27 2024

Free webinar

Day 1: June 27, 2024, 10:00 AM - June 27, 2024, 10:30 AM
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