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What is PLM & PDM 

What is the difference between PDM and PLM and will you have the need for both?

PDM is an engineering tool, while PLM is an enterprise system, equivalent in value to a company’s ERP.

In short, PDM stands for Product Data Management and manages engineering data primarily from CAD. Companies with a need to ensure that engineers and other stakeholders are using the correct versions and specifications are using a PDM system to manage version, revisions and changes. 

PLM stands for Product Lifecycle Management and works as a master for shared data where it is used to track all product data spanning beyond engineering and development of a product from cradle to grave. 


Having proper practices in data and lifecycle management are sure to help any organization in a multitude of ways.

A PDM / PLM system is the key to eliminate confusion, data loss, and delays by leveraging native integrations.

With a central source of product data, organizations become more efficient, save money, and get products out the door faster, all while being more flexible than ever before.

Why Tick Cad as you PLM & PDM partner

Tick Cad is a certified Autodesk Gold Partner with specialization in PLM.

We have a proven record of successful business cases for your reference and we work closely with your project team throughout the process to ensure the best solution. 

A solution from Tick Cad is developed in close cooperation with the customer and relevant partners, across CAD platforms, industries and national borders.

From the initial dialogue to Go Live and the continued development, Tick Cad is your partner for a better solution.

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