About Autodesk

Autodesk is one of the world's leading suppliers of software solutions for production, design, construction and document management.

Perhaps Autodesk is best known for its flagship product AutoCAD, but has also been known for a large selection of non-AutoCAD based software products, such as Autodesk Revit and the 3D CAD modeling software, Autodesk Inventor.

Speaking of Autodesk, the company is much more than just software. Autodesk also has a huge impact on education and jobs within the design, construction, and engineering industries.

Autodesk Gold Partner

Tick Cad is recognized by Autodesk as a Gold Partner, by meeting certain criteria. At Tick Cad we have certified engineers and sales staff who help customers identify and implement solutions.

Further, to cover the Autodesk Gold Partner designation, you must demonstrate the ability to deliver complete Autodesk software solutions. Gold Partners has technical expertise in specific industries, solutions, support, training, implementation, and consulting services.

Tick Cad provide you with competent guidance and support. This regardless of whether you are a new Autodesk software user, or you are an experienced Autodesk user with complex integration needs.


Autodesk Subscription

Autodesk Subscription is used for a given period for a given program or program package (Collection).

When creating an Autodesk Subscription agreement, a "Contract Manager" is specified. This person is also given the role of "Primary Admin". Primary Admin can create named users and assign them access rights to the programs that are needed.

If more flexibility is desired with the creation and assignment of users, the Primary Admin can assign the role "Secondary Admin" to the users who must also be able to handle user creation and usage rights.

Renewal of Autodesk Subscription

We will contact you well in advance of renewing your licenses, however, the person with the role "Contract Manager" also receives a reminder from Autodesk.

If you have licenses that you want us to renew, please contact us here: Autodesk Renewal

Autodesk FLEX Tokens

As an alternative to the timed Subscription, there is the option of FLEX Tokens.

Flex Tokens provide access to a large number of Autodesk's software on a daily basis. Access is created and assigned according to the same principle as with Subscription.

See more about Autodesk Flex Tokens



Autodesk Video Cases

We have implemented a wide range of solutions to customers within different industries.
Watch how Tick Cad customers work with Autodesk software, what challenges they have faced and how they benefit from Autodesk solutions.

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Autodesk Courses and Webinars

Tick Cad is an Autodesk Gold Partner

We regularly host courses, seminars, workshops and webinars within the use of Autodesk solutions in the manufacturing and construction industries.

A selection of Autodesk software delivered by Tick Cad

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