Logi Systems ApS specializes in establishing and streamlining warehouse logistics, production logistics and hospital logistics. They are specialists in combining 25 years of experience and expertise with a practically oriented way of thinking and can therefore provide concrete solutions for the further development of warehousing, production, hospital logistical systems.

Communication and data security is a major requirement from the company's customers, who provide solutions for system solutions.

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Logi Systems collaborates widely

When it comes to implementation, Logi Systems uses a large network of competent suppliers, so that the best solutions, the right service and the most competent project staff is always offered.

The goal of the company is always to be updated with the latest knowledge and be able to live up to customers' requirements for a drawing version, as well as the use of correct industry-specific templates.
Therefore, Logi Systems was looking for a partner and not just a supplier of their CAD solution, as a guarantee of ongoing sparring and training of key employees.

Sparring with Tick Cad

With a collaboration agreement with Tick Cad, Logi Systems ensures that the employees who will work with the development and design of the logistics solutions in their everyday lives become familiar with the Autodesk CAD software and the possibilities for project sharing, which is a must when delivering logistics solutions to hospitals. warehousing and production.

Business strategy

As part of the company's strategy, Logi Systems wants to further develop the CAD platform by, among other things, increasing the focus on data exchange between Revit and Inventor and further involving both laser scanning for 3D presentation and BIM Docs in the company's workflow.
Here, based on recent years' close collaboration, there is not far from thought to action and smaller projects are solved on an ongoing basis.

Joint focus on the good solution

The advantage of establishing long-term working relationships is stability, trust and security.
Having good partnerships that know both strengths and weaknesses makes it possible to deliver complex solutions that, across suppliers, customers and employees, have a common focus on the good solution.

Logi Systems ApS has been a customer of Tick Cad since 2014