Streamline as-built data and workflows easily with Digital Twins

EFLA Iceland is a general engineering and consulting company with 360 employees and international activities around the globe, providing high quality solution for the Building, Fishing, Food, Aluminum, Heavy, Data, and Telecommunication Industry. 

Since the summer of 2022, EFLA Iceland, with support from Tick Cad ehf, has been using the Matterport Pro3 camera in various projects around the country. Once employees saw the true value of reality capture, the usage of the camera in projects increased exponentially.

EFLA’s expert on reality capture and visualization, Hafthor Helgason, estimates that the amount of scanning related projects completed by EFLA during 2023 will be great.

One such project is a massive hotel in the northern part of Iceland. 

Maximum data load with minimum interference

Comprising of more than 1,000 scans, the Digital Twin of the hotel is an extensive model that allows the hotel owners to plan future projects based on digital data, thereby interfering minimally with daily operations. This means that renovation projects and expansions, among others, can be planned out and executed in a more efficient, fast, and less intrusive manner, which is more cost-beneficial to the hotel compared to shutting down facilities for days, weeks or months at a time.

Moreover, the Digital Twin can be used to give potential and future guests a digital tour of the hotel ahead of their stay, thus increasing familiarity and comfort in advance.

With more than 1,000 scans in total, the hotel project was a comprehensive task spanning four days.

EFLA Iceland and Matterport

By splitting the scan (digital capture) project into four separate working days, hotel activities were impacted minimally and EFLA had free range to scan the blocked areas without too many interruptions. This meant keeping costs at a minimum while operations remained up and running, which was achieved by hotel management deciding to only block one hotel floor at a time. Meanwhile, guests could occupy the other floors and areas of the hotel.  Furthermore, EFLA had to scan (capture) the hotel restaurant at night, as it was in full operation throughout the daytime.

Hafthor on site for EFLA

Like playing an instrument

Because the equipment is so user-friendly, anyone could in theory buy a Matterport camera and start scanning (capturing). However, the true value of scanning and reality capture offered by EFLA lies in their expertise, knowledge, and data management capabilities. To Hafthor Helgason, the Matterport camera is like an instrument. He knows how to “play” the Matterport Pro3 instrument and make beautiful reality capture “music” that brings great value to customers all over Iceland.

“When you get the hang of it, you don’t encounter too many issues. The learning curve is not about hardware but about usage and preparation. Getting drawings beforehand, planning out the shoot, what equipment to bring, and how to keep the workflow smooth around the physical locations.”

Plans for the future

Scanning and reality capture has become an essential part of EFLA’s services to customers. In order to stay on top and ensure that they provide the best value, EFLA is ready to take scan (capture) data further and assist customers in digitizing their assets (property) , making the most of digital twins and point clouds.
And with Tick Cad as a partner in all matters related to scanning, digital twins, and CAD data, EFLA has a solid foundation for expanding their business in the future.

“The collaboration with Tick Cad has been extremely good. They always answer and find solutions. I’m very thankful for the level of service they provide. They’ve even made sure I had a replacement camera while mine was sent in for repairing, and the communication is working very smoothly – also with the Danish office.”

EFLA and Tick Cad

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