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Tick Cad - Excellent solutions pay
Tick Cad - Excellent solutions pay

At Tick Cad, our absolute first priority is to provide the best possible customer service. We do not consider companies as customers, but as partners. We believe that regular and mutual communication creates a close and long-lasting collaboration. We value the good relationship highly through honesty, transparency and respect. Together with our dedicated and quality-conscious staff, we make it easy to find the right solution. We value new challenges and try to meet our customers' wishes.


    Your needs and our know-how are the main ingredients in sustainable solutions, as well as the starting point for long-term cooperation. Our primary focus is Autodesk's solutions for industry, design and construction along with architectural, engineering, and scanning, where we offer you guidance, sparring, teaching and consulting.

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  • History

    Tick Cad was established in 2013 and are a danish/icelandic private owned company with 20 employees. We are located in Horsens, Denmark and Reykjavik, Iceland and deliver solutions worldwide.

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  • Fast delivery 

    We deliver Tick Tools worldwide, most soft- and hardwares to Europe and Scandinavia. All orders are handled within hours and with a few clicks you are ready to work with your new tools. 

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